A True Comprehensive Cancer Screening Test

(Screens 98 genes)

(Test Code: AB000119)


Usage: This test is useful for assessing the risk of Hereditary Cancer for any proband or affected member. Comprehensive screening is helpful in prevention & early detection of cancer.


*Per and Post Genetic counselling by experts available along with action plan, personalized to YOU at discounted rate.

The test covers 98 genes targeting 26 Hereditary Cancers using Next Generation Sequencing.


*Mutation specific testing is also available @ Rs.5000 / per person / per mutation.


The genes selected are based on the NCCN guidelines and peer reviewed literature.


The cancers covered under this comprehensive screening tests are:

1)              Breast,

2)              Ovarian,

3)              Uterine,

4)              Stomach,

5)              Endocrine Pancreas,

6)              Oesophagus,

7)              Colorectal,

8)              Endometrium,

9)              Ovarian,

10)       Bone,

11)       Thyroid,

12)       Kidneys,

13)       Urinary tract,

14)       Lung,

15)       Prostate,

16)       Central Nervous System,

17)       Head & Neck,

18)       Liver,

19)       Cervix,

20)       Exocrine Pancreas,

21)       Small Intestine,

22)       Blood,

23)       Soft Tissue,

24)       Skin,

25)       Peripheral Nervous System &

26)       Endocrine Glands.


Testing done through NABL accredited Laboratories.


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