Rapidly-evolving technologies and growing consumerism, along with demographic and economic changes, are the main driving forces for virtualization of hospitals worldwide. This digitization of combined medical services termed as “Cloud Medicine”. Already, a growing number of inpatient health care services are being pushed to the home and outpatient ambulatory facilities; however, many complex and very ill patients will continue to need acute inpatient services.

Genometalks provides “Cloud Medicine” platform through crowdsourcing of all branded medical services on its portal. Genometalks “Cloud Medicine” platform leverages the power of digital technology for fast, futuristic medical care and never like before patient experience.

Consider the following features of Genometalks “Cloud Medicine” platform version 1.0:

  • Physicians can use their own device to access the patient’s secure, integrated EHR. It includes information about the patient’s condition, medical history, family medical history, allergies, and current medications.
  • During the admission process, the EHR can automatically capture details from the primary care physician; neither the patient nor family will be asked to fill out physical forms with redundant questions.
  • All diagnostic and lab tests can be ordered directly from the physician’s device, and results are automatically captured by the EHR, with the physician receiving real-time notifications.
  • Inpatient rooms, including beds and bedside devices, are prepared based on patient demographics and preferences, as well as physician and nurse inputs.
  • All patients can have bedside consoles that provide education, entertainment, and social media services along with pertinent medical information.
  • Based on patient history, the EHR automatically determine if the patient is a candidate for new treatments or clinical research that might improve outcomes.
  • Post-discharge, patients can use a personal device to schedule appointments with various caregivers such as nutritionists, eye specialists, and pharmacists. The EHR can automatically capture results of these visits.

Genometalks provides following services to individuals across the globe under its “Cloud Medicine” V1.0 program.

  1. CONSULTATION: video chat with our online doctors or counsellors
  2. SCREENING: pathology at doorstep and imaging at your nearest location
  3. DIAGNOSIS: online diagnosis & monitoring by renowned doctors
  4. MEDICINE: online pharmacy at your doorstep
  5. MEDICAL & HEALTH TOURISM: packaged inpatient services for treatment and procedures at any location of your convenience.
  6. REHABILITATION: supportive care or palliative care for quality life