DNA Informed Consent Agreement of Ryfe Fundamentals OPC Private Limited. (updated January 16 2020)

The GenomeTalks Aggregator (the "Program") is a program designed to facilitate DNA-based research (both internal and through third-party organizations) based on the DNA Results uploaded or transferred to or calculated from DNA kits purchased from GenomeTalks or it's associate partners. Any user who uploads or transfers individual genetic data, family genetic data, DNA markers, nucleotides, variations or haplogroups ("DNA Results") to the GenomeTalks website (the "Website"), whether their own or as an authorized agent of the owner of the DNA Results, in order to use GenomeTalks's products, services, software, and applications for the DNA integration features on the Website ("DNA Services"), and any user who submits a DNA sample to GenomeTalks using a GenomeTalks or it's associate partners DNA kit in order to use the DNA Services, may voluntarily participate in the Program.

If you are the parent or guardian of a minor who may wish to participate in this Program, you should talk with your child and go over the information in this Informed Consent with him/her before you and your child make a decision about whether to participate in the Program.

This DNA Informed Consent Agreement ("Informed Consent") applies to any user of GenomeTalks, who uploads, transfers or subscribes to DNA Results to the Website and to any user of GenomeTalks who submits genetic data or sample to GenomeTalks after purchasing or otherwise using a GenomeTalks or it's associate partners sampeling kit, who uses any of the genetic Services and voluntarily chooses to participate in the Program.


Should you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us using the information below. A copy of an updated version of this Informed Consent will remain available on our Website at www.GenomeTalks.com/dna-informed-consent-agreement.

  • A. What information will be collected and for what purpose will the information be used?
  • The Program collects, preserves and analyzes genealogical lineage, historical records, surveys, Health Family Tree information, Health Questionnaire information, health related information, genetic information, and other records (collectively, "Research Information") provided by users in order to conduct research studies to better understand, among other things, human evolution and migration, population genetics, regional health issues, ethnographic diversity and boundaries, genealogy and the history of the human species. Researchers hope that the Program will be an invaluable tool for a wide range of scholars and researchers interested in genealogy, anthropology, evolution, languages, cultures, medicine, and other topics and that the Program may benefit future generations.

    Discoveries made as a result of the Program may be used in the study of genealogy, anthropology, population genetics, personalized medicine, medical genetics, epidemiology, population health issues, cultures, trends (for example, to identify health risks or spread of certain diseases), and other related topics.

    If we or a third party wants to conduct a study

    • (1) on topics unrelated to the Program, or
    • (2) using Research Information beyond what is described in this Informed Consent, we will re-contact you to seek your specific approval. In addition, we may contact you to ask you to complete a questionnaire or to ask you if you are willing to be interviewed about the Program or other matters.

    GenomeTalks is responsible for the personal information you provide to the Website. We take our privacy and data protection responsibilities seriously. See our "Privacy Policy" for details.

  • B. How can I take part in the Program?
  • To participate in this Program, you must review this Informed Consent and if you choose to participate, do the following:

    Check the box indicating that you are providing your consent to participate in the Program. Once you provide consent, we will use the information you provide for the Program.

    You will also need to read and accept the GenomeTalks "Terms of Service"

  • C. What are the costs and will I receive compensation?
  • GenomeTalks will not charge participants any fees in order to be part of the Program.

    There will be no financial compensation paid to Program participants. The data you share with us for the Program may benefit researchers and others in the future. If any commercial product is developed as a result of the Program or its outcomes, there will be no financial benefit to you.

  • D. What is my alternative to participating?
  • This Program does not involve treatment for any condition and you will have access to DNA Services regardless of your participation. Your alternative is not to participate in the Program.

  • E. What are the benefits of participating?
  • The Program is intended to assist academics or researchers to better understand the human species, learn or confirm certain facts and make predictions about future trends. Thus, the more Research Information contributed to the Program, the better any potential results could be.

    It is not anticipated that the Program will provide significant benefit impact to an individual participant, and Program results will not be communicated by GenomeTalks to you should you choose to participate.

  • F. Are there any risks to participating?
  • Your DNA Results may reveal information about you or your biological family (blood relatives) that you did not know, and thus, it is not possible to predict all unintended consequences or risks. However, there is no physical risk to allowing your information to be used in the Program. While the Research Information shared (through publication or with another entity) in the context of the Program will not contain information that typically permits identification of an individual, such as a name or address, people may develop processes that would allow someone to re-identify the previously de-identified data. We apply a variety of controls to maintain the anonymity and integrity of our systems and to prevent such actions. However, as with other technological controls, there is no guarantee against unauthorized or nefarious actors. While there may be additional risks to participation that are currently unforeseeable, GenomeTalks will continually work to prevent negative impact to our individual participants.

  • G. How will GenomeTalks and its affiliates protect my information?
  • Information obtained through the Program will be stored in our secure databases in the India or Any other part of the world. We use a combination of physical, technical, and administrative procedures to protect the privacy and security of information. For example, we restrict access to our data center and databases by using industry standard physical and logical protocols, encrypted Internet connections to the Website, and all GenomeTalks owned computer servers employ appropriate security controls. As Research Information is shared between and among us, it will be protected through the use of encryption. GenomeTalks will take appropriate steps to ensure that transfers of personal information are done in accordance with applicable law and carefully managed to protect your privacy rights and interests. Accordingly, transfers are limited to countries which are recognized as providing an adequate level of legal protection or where we can be satisfied that alternative arrangements are in place to protect your privacy rights, such as an intra-group transfer agreement. You have a right to contact us for more information about the safeguards we have put in place.

    Whenever Research Information from multiple individuals is aggregated, personal identifiers (such as names, birth dates and specific locations, etc.) from those participants will be removed. In publishing outcomes of studies about the Program or as a result of the Program, only Research Information without personal identifiers will be published or made available to the public.

    We will not release Research Information that identifies you outside GenomeTalks and/or its family of companies without first asking for and receiving your authorization to do so, except as required by law. Your identity will not be disclosed by us in any publication of the Program without your permission. The Research Information used in the Program will be segregated from other information and only specifically authorized individuals at GenomeTalks will have access to this Information.

  • H. Could my participation end without my consent?
  • Yes. We may terminate the Program at any time and in our discretion, without your consent.

  • I. How can I withdraw from this Program?
  • Participation in this Program is purely voluntary and you may withdraw your consent to participate in the Program at any time. If you choose to withdraw your consent, you may do so by sending an email to admin@genometalks mentioning that you wish to withdraw your consent. Upon your withdrawal, we will cease using your DNA Results in the Program. We will continue to provide you with the ability to use the Website or the DNA Services as before. Please note that due to the de-identification of certain Research Information, any research or studies using anonymized or aggregate information that has already begun, studies that have been completed, and any study results or findings that have been published prior to your withdrawal cannot be reversed, undone, or removed.

  • J. We welcome your questions.
  • You can contact GenomeTalks at the address below if you have any concerns or questions about the Program.



    Fl 5 Sect G, Shreenagari, Akurdi, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411035