Medical Tour Process with GenomeTalks.

Our comprehensive medical process ensures customized and personalized guidance from qualified professionals so that you can make the most informed decisions every step of the way.

Step 1: Diagnosis & Medical Reports Analysis

  • Choose from a wide range of Destinations, Hospitals, and Procedures. Connect with the Health Travellers Worldwide team by emailing us at or calling us on +91 7744002324 to speak to our expert Medical Advisors Mr. Terrence Lopez.
  • Share copies of your existing healthcare records for us to understand the problem comprehensively and enable us to advise you on the next steps.
  • We can assist you to get the first specialist opinion from our large network of highly valued and professional specialists.
  • In case you already have a specialist opinion, Health Travellers Worldwide can assist you with second medical opinion by consulting the best doctors in our network.

Step 2: Guidance

Step 3: Decision

Step 4: Stay

Step 5: Pre-Surgery and Surgery

Step 6 – Recovery

Step 7: Side Trips

Step 8: Extended Facilitation

Once you are through with your intended itinerary and medical tourism process, we will solicit your feedback on the whole experience in India, including the operating surgeon, medical facility, GenomeTalks services, etc.