GenomeTalks is specialized in handling complex and critical cases, including those rejected by internationally reputed healthcare institutions. Some of our partners are specialize in Quaternary care. We take pride and inspiration from the remarkable medical outcome of our patients post treatment.

We are preferred hosts for medical tourists for a wide range of procedures, from purely elective ones such as face lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, bariatric/weight-loss surgery, etc., to very high-end, complex and critical procedures such as organ transplants, cancer treatment, neurosurgery, joint replacements, paediatric and cardiac surgeries to name a few. All such medical / surgical procedures are routinely performed by top hospitals in healthcare destinations in a safe and effective manner, and with virtually no waiting time compared to what patients would have to face back in their home countries.

GenomeTalks offers the following healthcare advisory services:

  • Medical Consultation
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Patient Airlift/Air Ambulance
  • Transfers & Hospitalization
  • Concierge Services
  • Tele-consultation
  • Medical Travel Portal
  • Flying Out Doctors Abroad for Surgeries
  • Rare Diseases
  • Hospital Advisory
  • Financial Assistance

Along with the above, we take care of every single detail, right from arranging proper VISAs for the patient and all accompanying members, booking tickets, accommodation, airport pick-up and drop, appointment with the doctor, foreigner registration as applicable in the country of treatment, completing all required documentation and paperwork from the embassies, medical and ethics committees etc. for patients in need of organ transplants, any required VISA extensions, money exchange etc. Over and above, there are also several aspects of follow-up care upon the return of patients back to the country, which we assist with to ensure that any eventuality they may face is taken care of by us.

Further we have negotiated rates with logistics partners for Hotels, transport, etc. which are passed on to our patients, thus SAVINGS for our patients.

We provide a package deal which includes ALL costs, rather than add-on costs for individual services (such as scans, OT charges, lab fees and so on) which several other clinics and hospitals charge. This helps patients to know what their TOTAL cost will be upfront.

We are very sensitive to the fact that every patient has different needs. That is the reason we provide 100% personalized and customized service by assigning “Patient Happiness Friend” and translator to all our patients at no extra cost.